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For years, people all over the universe have longed for a giant red square with the letters “S-T-U-P J-A-M” emblazoned on their chests. Now, that wish is here.

Stup-Jam proudly presents its first store via Redbubble! Please check it out. 

As a “thanks” to followers all t-shirts have a 0% markup until Feb. 1, 2016. This means I make no profit on them, and you get a cool design at minimum! I only have a few designs uploaded. If you would like to see my other existing art on a t, please send me a message.

Thank you very much!

ay ay ay

did you know about Voltage games?
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I'm working with the TPM to bring pony artworks to places! They are a group that collects and sells artwork from around the world to sell or display at conventions and museums across North America.

Info here:
Their next appearance will be at Ponyville Ciderfest, WI.

This means that you could BUY some artwork at conventions I can't attend. I submitted 11x17 prints for these:

Celestia and the Fairies by stupjam

Lulu Belle Prepares Tea by stupjam

Angelheart in the Forest by stupjam

So look out for them. Limited quantities! Thanks.
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I'm giving out some demo codes. Please check out tumblr
for details! You need a tumblr account, though.
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im visintgn, butt not selling at Sacanime tomorroe sat and sun

you can see my inklning boi cosplay. i might even try gluestick eyebrows (´・ω・`)

most looking forward to streetpassing. $35 a play most expensive nintenfo game EVER
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  • Playing: Umihara Kawase
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Commissions are open!

Please give me a commission, I am dying here.

Open Commissions! by stupjam
Payment through PayPal to

I will draw lots of things! However, I will not draw NSFW, religious themes, and crack ships.

For more details, please see this spreadsheet.
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welp didnt prepare anything. I'll be a stupid looking blue squid this weekend. selling some prints and taking sketch commish
Yo what is up with this new layout? It just reminds me that dA is like the grandpa of social media trying to keep up with the times.

Anyhow, in my own news I got a spot at PMX in Los Angeles so I'll be selling, working on some new prints between eating cookies and drinking milk. I'll be doing sketch commissions too, so it will be fun. Maybe whatever I don't even know all the new anime stuff people will request.

I'll probably even draw one last MLP pic to sell later. Drawing pony art made me feel like I was in the brothership of trendy internet bros. It felt like people were paying attention to me whenever equestria daily blogged something. But this pony group is filled with self entitled MRA type crap and misogynistic porn that I thought I could ignore. well i can't really. I guess I never belonged here, don't understand it.

ahhhh right wouldn't it be great to be a porn artist? To command a loyal following frothing at the mouth and dick for my next update? Yeah, I guess I'm pretty jealous but at the same time angry. Not to mention the money! mmmmm if there's something I suck at it's acquiring money.

soooooooo I'm always at square one
hi everybody, sorry for the absence. I had an existential crisis that is ongoing. I'm back to upload drawings of Ponies and more Nintendo until I figure out what to do with my life. Might as well sell somethin' while I'm doing nothin'
I appreciate the DD I received a couple days ago. It was cool, but a reminder that I have to be more prolific in my art. Pony as subject matter is to be frowned upon, so I tried to add some class in my drawing. In reality however, I just don't know what I am doing here, and relied on ponies because it was easy and popular.
I am done selling at PMX, the Pacific Media Expo. Here are my highlights and lowlights.


1. Family and friends helping me out
2. Meeting some of my watchers and other cool people
3. Drawing cute sketch commissions
4. High-fiving Takane Shijou
5. Meeting John Joseco's cousin


1. Being accused of hiring good-looking people to sell for me
2. Forgetting people's names
3. Umm...not pidgeons
4. Not buying Takane Shijou merch
5. Pronouncing John Joseco's name wrong

Now I will need to catch up with school.
Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles is soon and I am considering selling at a half-table there.…

I only have what is on dA, i.e., a bunch of pony material, but I think it's enough. There will be 11 x 17 prints of the more popular drawings and maybe some post-card sized versions. I'll also be doing live quick $ketches (at least until fatigue sets in). Applications start tomorrow, so things are still uncertain.

This is my first time selling! Anyone attending? What would you like to see (from PMX or maybe me)?

Thanks for your support in checking out my art. yo
tumblr is up.
Visit it for low quality sketches!
I think someone gifted a premium membership to me some months ago. I would like to say thanks, or if it's actually a glitch then thanks anyway to people in general.

Now I am considering starting an art blog for sketches. I like to fill the my scraps here, but the blog would have even lower-quality scraps. Tumblr, Wordpress, or something else?

Also, requests are pretty much open. Something interesting, appropriate for everybody, and Nintendo, Valve or Pony related I guess, but could be anything. Just not too complicated. I consider for a week, close requests, then draw 3 things.

Tired of waiting? Skip the lines and COMMISSION your art NOW!
Throughout the ages, people have wanted drawings of stuff. Don't you think it's your turn?
Get an almost free estimate TODAY! FROM ME! Imagine telling someone about a cool drawing you want, and you CAN, for less than an arm and a leg: just 1 pt of your blood!
But what if I told you that after your estimate, I would actually draw the thing? Starting from less than two arms and two legs, a half-realized, half-baked, half-hearted attempt at an illumination of your wildest dreams will be yours!
But what if I told you that the complete deal is even more attractive? Get the complete digital illustrative manifestation of your greatest earthly desire for the insignificant cost of your arm, leg, transplant-able organs and your soul!

About a year ago, the first MLP FiM TF2 crossover pictures appeared on the net. Thanks to art contributors such as Elosande and the TF2 community, the crossover has grown into a thing.

Also, I sympathize with those who love TF2 but are annoyed by the infestation of pony content in servers. Like all fads*, it will eventually fade.

*3/21 Well, fad may not be the right word. Before MLP I was into Vocaloid because I was fascinated by the way the initial contents (Miku's voice and image) spawned waves of creative fan works and a very active, productive community (members being called "Producers"). Also notable was the viral spread of said works through new media sites such as Nicodouga and Pixiv. I was disappointed to be unable to participate due to the Japanese language barrier.

Then MLP came along and at first I thought it was the West's answer to Producers. However, it became apparent that this "Brony" phenomenon is not so much an artistic trend. Some may not see it this way, but the main drive of the phenomenon stems from its function as a sort of fraternal society for male geeks to strut around in proudly and publicly, in which the initiation is the acceptance of what has been (and still is) the social oddity of boys liking "girly" ponies.

This is evident from the Voice Actors' Panel at BroNYcon 2012, due to its mostly male turnout and how the VA's seemed to be held hostage the whole time. The Brony's inside references and culture were ill understood by the VA panel, and there was little attempt by the Bronies to make it accessible for them. Another example is the large amount of Bronies feeling the need to state how manly they are and that others must "deal with it" (see the youtube video "MLP FIM The MANLIEST Brony in the WORLD" and comments). On the art front, while some claim that the Brony movement promotes MLP's creator's feminist beliefs, the most famous and influential Brony artists are known for their erotic portrayals of the MLP female characters.

Now, fraternal societies can be a positive thing, as they are a way to gather interest for benevolent projects and for men to feel belonged. However, MLP as a fraternal society does nothing to change perceptions (gender roles, entertainment, etc) about anything. Going back to TF2, I can see how having MLP being shoved in one's face along with proclamations of its progressive ideals feels irritating.
Apparently the G3 ponies had magnets in their hooves called "hoof hearts" that allowed them to grab stuff. This explains a lot. How can I make a picture about it?

Also I think Daring Do would make a good Saxton Hale.

Today at school there was a Valve-sponsored game event. Ran around with a companion cube, built a potato battery and won T-shirts but not me.
happy national day of the horse. US Congress declared this day for horses in 2004. Let's celebrate by appreciating all equines. Yay
I shall outline what I will do for commissions and requests. As a hobbyist, I don't have the nerves to charge much money.

request: customer (lol) gets a drawing for free some time in the future. I keep full resolution because I am selfish, plus distribution.

customer pays 1/2 price up front and 1/2 when work is completed. customer gets full resolution. time to complete: what customer says, quality of work adjusts accordingly. distribution rights? negotiable, but ideally, both the customer and I haz.

base pricing:
b+w drawing = $1,904.32
color drawing = $214.99
2 for 1 deal = 881.92

torso = $12
hands = $.99
face (half) = $809.13
face (three halves) = $59.99

scenery = $13.99
extra crispy = add $.99
super size = multiply by 3.14159
extra spicy = e raised to the power of subtotal